Making Plans For 2017

I hope everyone who celebrates it had a good Thanksgiving. This is the second round of holidays since my father died, and it remains somewhat painful. Still, I’m trying to move on, and my son and wife make it a bit easier.

I’ve decided to spend all of December plotting out what I’m going to write–and when–in 2017. I prefer having a plan over just winging it, and I’m ready to make the move into longer works…something that will require a stricter working schedule.

I also plan to write another musical, which is work of a much longer, more in-depth nature. It’s looking like I’ll have to split my days; mornings for dramatic work, afternoons for prose.

For now, I’m concentrating on my short story collections, especially “Christmas Eves.” If you have not downloaded this particular book to your Kindle, do yourself a favor and get it now! It is comprised of three tales, all told in a different genre:

“The Pariah Prophet”–Dark Fantasy

“She May Be Called a Sovereign Lady”–Science Fiction


Just the thing for this time of year!

I plan to use this blog more in the coming years, as it’s a fantastic way to communicate with readers. Blogging once a week would be optimal, but we’ll see how it goes. It sometimes feels as if my brain is a whirlpool, and once its drained…well, there’s nothing left to contribute until it fills up again. But I’d love to hear from readers, so feel free to message me. And don’t forget to find me on Facebook and Twitter! My tags are at the top of the page.

I wish you all peace and happiness. May the world’s problems be few in this time of goodwill.

Till next time!