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Chaos of Hard Clay

“Imagine a world gone horribly wrong. Nuclear war. Climate Change. Zombies. Aliens. Science Gone Mad. Twenty authors present twenty horrific scenarios detailing the end of society. The good guys, the bad guys, and the murderers are all here, eking out a scant survival…or destroying all they come across. Who will live? Who will die? And will there be an Earth left when they do? Read these compelling, shocking stories authors to find out.”

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“A zombie tale that brings fresh blood to the genre. A longish short story about two young people with a mysterious past living in a living dead-infested future. Not your average zombie tale!”


Odd Men Out

“A short story anthology containing everything from nightmarish babies to haunted toilets. Dark fantasy mixed with humor and horror, “Odd Men Out” tickles your funny bone and your gag reflex. Mature content.”


“Christmas Eves” is a collection of three holiday tales, each written in a different genre–Dark Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Light Humor. A down and out young man living in the big city and harboring a special gift–a girl who recognizes the cozy Christmas around her is not what it seems–a crotchety fellow awakens on Christmas Eve to discover that Santa has left more than presents in his house–all this (and more) awaits you in the strange, dark, charming, sometimes hilarious collection, “Christmas Eves.”

Book Cover JPG

Something Dark and Dangerous: The Creation of Night of the Living Dead: The Rock Musical

(Out Of Print)

“Go behind the scenes with Cook’s most famous creation, a rock opera adaptation of the classic film, Night of the Living Dead. From joke to 10 years on stage, learn about the ups and downs it took to bring a classic to life.”


Robbed of Sleep: Volume Four

“Robbed of Sleep: Volume Four” contains stories of the horrific, strange, and darkly comic. G. Allen Cook’s contribution, Fat in the Fire, tells the story of a 2000 pound woman who survives a mysterious apocalypse. When a brigade of hungry bandits show up on her doorstep, Christy Barrows must protect herself–or face a terrible death. The anthology was created–and edited–by Mr. Troy Blackford. Please, check out the previous Robbed of Sleep collections, as each one will keep you up all night…either reading or screaming.”

Banjaxed CoverBeyont the Banjaxed

“A collection of original Irish folktales, “Beyont the Banjaxed” is full of humor and outrageous characters appropriate for readers of all ages. Join the Leprechaun King, the meanest miser in the parish, a farmer down on his luck who gains three wishes, the Banshee, and the rest of the cast of characters in the five stories that make up this collection. And may the luck of the Irish be ever in your favor!”

Ellipsis coverEllipsis

Comments from editor Dylan Callens:

“Do you need a laugh? Hey, we all do! This collection will take you from reality to fantasy, from cute to profane, and from grins to guffaws. These seventeen original stories are packed with sarcasm, satire, and wickedness, and are so completely tongue in cheek there’s no way you can avoid a smile.

Authors hailing from faraway places on either side of the Atlantic Ocean, in big cities and out in the countryside, offer their insights into what we call humor. Comedy is hard work. Humor is so often experienced in a particular situation and is often impossible to reproduce. Writing funny stories must come from conditions which allow the writer to laugh at himself. If we could remember all the funny things that happen during a day (or night), we would laugh a whole lot more.

This anthology was collected with giving in mind. All comedians live to be laughed at. Giving your laughter nourishes their souls. And all the money received from sales of Ellipsis will go to charity.

Humor and humanity—after all, that’s what life’s all about.”

G. Allen’s tale is called “No Easy Trick,” a story rooted in the humor that comes from extreme despair.


Robbed of Sleep: Volume 5

Comments from editor Troy Blackford:

“Thirty-three fearful, fretful, and freakishly fanciful stories fresh from the minds of some of today’s most unstable speculative fiction authors, Volume 5 in the biannual Robbed of Sleep anthology series puts you in direct contact with a pair of bumbling graverobbers, a strange apartment that keeps sprouting holes, a lost young boy stranded in the woods, an obsessive fan who keeps trying to send the perfect e-mail, and more. Why get enough sleep to keep your body in perfect shape when your poor little mind is just aching for some STORIES TO STAY UP FOR? Do what comes natural to humankind–the storytelling animal–and stay up past your bedtime, ravaged by tales and ROBBED OF SLEEP.”

G. Allen’s tale is called “Anemone,” an homage to Kafka about a fellow who awakens one morning to discover he’s grown a second head…and more.

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