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A Post-Apocalyptic Anthology


Chaos of Hard Clay, published by BANJAXED Books, is a collection of new stories detailing life after the Apocalypse. Within its pages readers will find mutants, plagues, zombies, climate change, and a host of other catastrophes that could change our way of life forever.

Twenty authors bring readers their vision of a world gone mad, a society in ruins, and characters doing whatever must be done for survival. Here you’ll meet the good, the bad, and the mutated–all of them adapted to a way of life readers hope will never occur.

At over 72,000 words, Chaos of Hard Clay represents a sprawling vision of Hell on Earth, brought to you by today’s most promising authors, including:

(in order of appearance)

Olin Wish (Take Me to Your Fucking Leader)

N. J. Reynolds (Black Water)

Luke Kondor (Dust and Fingers)

Jim O’Donnell (Hanging, Just Outside the World)

Daniel Willcocks (When the World Fled East)

G. H. Finn (Grim Diesel)

Vonnie Winslow Crist (Dead Wrong)

Steven Bissonnette (And To All a Good Night)

Ray Pew (How Do They Like It)

Megan Manzano (Verity)

Kamron Taylor (What Remains)

Han Adcock (A Short History of the Future)

Jack Stone (After)

David Henderson (A Game of Tag)

Roxanne Dent (Ghost Woman)

Hรกkon Gunnersson (What’s Below the Surface)

Jessica Mizell (Been Here Before)

Crystal Leflar (No Tears to Spare)

Justin Bloch (The Beginning, Again)

G. Allen Cook (Endgames and Epilogues)

Launching in December, 2017, Chaos of Hard Clay will thrill readers with extreme images of a world that could easily come to be. Plan to purchase this new paperback and share in the exciting tales brought to you by these engaging authors.

More info coming soon.