Submissions for a New Anthology

I’ve contributed to a couple of anthologies over the past year, and it’s always fun coming up with stories that fit a set theme. Some of them were horror–one was comedy. I said it was fun, but there’s also a certain challenge vying for a coveted spot in any given collection of stories.

Mulling my goals for 2017 I decided to put out an anthology of my own–one dealing with my favorite literary theme: post-apocalypse. I don’t know why I get off on that genre, but give me “Swan Song,” by McCammon, “Canticle for Leibowitz,” by Miller, or the best of the lot, “The Stand,” by King, and I’m a happy camper. I suppose there’s a certain glee in imagining a world without reality TV, insane gas prices, and mortgages. All very pleasant…unless the apocalypse comes about by nuclear war or warring aliens.

So: Chaos of Hard Clay, an anthology of post-apocalyptic short stories. For those who wish to know more before they submit, go to Submissions on the homepage of this website. Writers have plenty of time to come up with something, as stories aren’t due till June 30, 2017. It would be swell to have twenty or so tales to include in this publication, so get thee to it!

The anthology will be put out by our publishing house, BANJAXED BOOKS, and the more contributing writers publicize the collection, the better sales will be. Large sales mean another anthology. We are a cottage industry–my wife, Kathy, serves as editor, and I serve as executive editor and publisher. We also have a pro cover artist. My own books and collections do well, so–with a little help from selected writers–Chaos of Hard Clay should be a hot property.

If time permits, I’ll give feedback on those stories not selected, and, if needed, I may ask authors to amend aspects of their stories (only to make them better).

Good luck, and let’s see some original stories come out of this project. I cannot wait to read your work.