Upcoming Collection of Irish Folktales (UPDATE 5/4/16)

(UPDATE: Sickness and other worries took me out in February and March. On the mend now…and writing again. Just finished a submission to a horror anthology–tomorrow I get back to work on “Beyont the Banjaxed.”

Thank you for your patience. I’m hoping 2016 will see several of my projects published and in the hands of readers.)

It’s been a long time coming, but my book of Irish folktales, “Beyont the Banjaxed”, will soon launch.

This has been a personal experience for me, as I set out to emulate the immaculate style of friend, correspondent (until his death), and grandfather of the modern YA genre, Lloyd Alexander. I didn’t copy him, of course, but it was great fun composing each story in a form reminiscent of those wonderful books from my childhood.

This collection of stories is appropriate for everyone–but don’t let that run you off! It’s a fine line, writing something that appeals to adults as well as to children, but I hope I managed to cross it…winded, weary, and unsure of the outcome. It will be up to readers to decide. I’m proud of it, anyway.

I’ll write more when it comes closer to launch time, but: For the nonce, here’s the cover to the new piece.

Banjaxed Cover

If you don’t know what banjaxed means…or are afraid the entire book will be inaccessible to all but the most literate of us out there…fear not: It is not important to pronounce the Gaelic names correctly, and–anyway–I’ll include a pronunciation guide. As for the word banjaxed, I’ll explain the title of the book of stories in my Author’s Note.

Till then have a good one, read something, writing something, and turn off the tube and detox from this crazy political period. It’ll do you a world of good.

As always, if you’d like to purchase my collections so far, click Blog and Buy on this very website. I’m slowly growing my inventory, and I hope to have several more options to choose from my Christmas.

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