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Welcome to the website of author G. Allen Cook. Here you will find links to his work, his blog, and his independent publishing house, BANJAXED BOOKS. Cook writes predominately in the fantasy/horror genre and is a playwright and composer of musicals. Prod and poke around this website–you might find something you like. Links to his short stories, as well as his blog, can be found by pressing any one of the three buttons above.

G. Allen Cook lives in Northeast Arkansas with his wife and son. He has been active in live theatre for over two decades, and he has written several plays and musicals–some of which have been performed for multiple seasons. His other work in the theatre includes directing, producing, acting, executing special effects makeup, and playing keyboards in various pit bands.

Cook’s passion is reading. When he and his family moved into their current home, he hired the set builder for the local theatre to create a floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall book shelf for his thousands of books. It was not long before they needed more shelving!

Besides reading, Cook loves to write. He’s written for newspapers, magazines, and personal commissions. In the fall of 2013, after playing the role of the treacherous Thenardier in Les Miserables, Cook fell ill and discovered he suffers from a chronic degenerative disease. Easing back from his physical theatre work, he started making his earlier fiction available for purchase. He now happily writes from home, and his cache of stories will only grow as he continues to write his stories.

Cook is also the founder of BANJAXED BOOKS, a small, independent press specializing not only in his own books but anthologies and other special projects. To find out more about BANJAXED BOOKS, email Cook at the link above. (Areas concerning BANJAXED BOOKS are located under the Submission link.)

We invite you to grow as we grow–to keep coming back as Cook expands his catalog. You will find links to his Facebook and Twitter pages at the top of the screen. Cook is an avid blogger and is very active on his social media sites. Come join in the fun!

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